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Earn more Money From Google Adsense

How to Boost your  Google Adsense income blog? Google Adsense is the best revenue sharing network that most bloggers earn a living with. There is no other alternative to Google Adsense in the Pay Per Click industry. This is the reason why most of the big bloggers l still place adsense on their blogs.

However, there are many of us who are brilliant at marketing and SEO but cannot earn much from Google Adsense. Why is it so? There are a number of factors that affect your adsense earnings that you might have missed.
Here are some key factors that can help you build a successful adsense income blog:

1. Targeted Traffic:
On the Internet, your earnings are determined by the amount of website traffic that you are able to drive to your blog. It is no different if you are looking to earn better than you do currently with Google Adsense. Some of the best ways by virtue of which you can drive a lot of traffic to your blog are –
a. Commenting on blogs which are much read by the people.
b. Guest blogging.
c. Link sharing with other blogs.
d. Use Google’s key word tools to identify your best keywords and your competition.
e. Post your links on a good site which is frequently visited than on many websites which are scarcely visited.

2. High paying niches:
Focus on the highest paying niches in order to make more money. high paying niches are a major factor for AdSense income. If most of your sites focus on low paying keywords, your income will be very low.
With only 10 cents per click and 250 clicks per month, can you afford a living? The answer will be No. That is why you should go for high paying niches that get higher bids from advertisers. Use Google’s Keywords Tool to research on this.

3. Right Ad units placement:
Make your adverts visible to the people who read your blog. While it can be very annoying to the reader if you place an ad in the middle of an article, it makes sense to put these adverts beside the article which will be visible to your readers. If they are interested, they will click on the link and make you some money. Give yourself a better chance to earn money through Adsense by making the adverts visible.
It is important to be tactful while placing ads on your blog. Placing too many ads is not done and putting your ad at the bottom of the page will not earn you any money at all as it will not be visible to the reader. Too many ads can be a recipe for disaster as they lead to invalid clicks and termination of your account as a result.

4. Fresh content:
Write about new things instead of dragging on about old stuff. Avoid writing on topics which have already been widely discussed and dissected. If the ranking of your blog is low, duplication of content or topic will not help you rank higher in SERPs.
So, choose new and fresh content to write about from time to time. It will help your content to be unique among the crowded niche.

5. Your invested time:
As with everything else in the world, your success on Google Adsense depends on the time that you invest in it. The more time that you put into it, the more you can earn from it. Your success depends solely upon the hard work that you can put in.

6. Using Adsense Multiple Palettes:
If your readers are ones who enjoy reading your posts and come back to your blog every other day, your Adsense ads are bound to be familiar to them. Try and use different color palettes from time to time and place your ads differently. Your adsense ads will change whenever readers open new posts or refresh the pages and you will end up getting more clicks and thus, more money.

7. Listen to Google suggestions:
Google shares great tips with their publishers in their forums and most of the bloggers who took their advice have ended up with more money than the rest. The advice is free and sure to get you results. Why not jump on it?

If i have missed any tips or if you have new ideas to earn moe with Google Adsense program, then please share via comments.
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